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Edifice of Shenzhen ground king

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Edifice of Shenzhen ground king

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Design an unit: Zhang Guoyan of limited company of American building design designs an office (the building is designed) new Japan makes iron limited company of adviser of project of company limited exuberance (the structure is designed)

Construction unit: Shenzhen is built rise and steel structure company

The unit that make: Limited company of member of sunshine of Shenzhen dragon hillock gets the better of treasure flourishing (Singapore) company of the oil austral Shenzhen

Configuration: Steel frame - RC core canister

With steel capacity: 24500 tons

Date of completion: 1996

Ground king edifice is Shenzhen building of the first high level, 383.95 meters tall, in all 81. 1996 finishing. Asian top structure is when building, also be building of high level of the first steel structure of countrywide. It is Shenzhen town highest building now, 10 old buildings of the world before ranking eye. The design inspiration that its build bodily form originates connect in the cathedral of mediaeval west and culture of Chinese ancient time, fully, thin divine marrow, its wide with Gao Zhi scale is 1:9, created world freeboard layer to build " flat " most the record of " thin " .

Steel structure of ground king edifice installs gross to amount to 2. 450 thousand tons, only hammer of bolt, bolt amounts to 1 million, welding line lengthens rice to amount to 600 kilometer. Construction unit breaks traditional administrative pattern, optimize the trends that produces all essential configuration to be applied successfully in project construction, take the lead in inside purchasing use Australia tower crane equipment climbs inside M440D, introduce welder of check of machine of spot welding of carbon dioxide of entrance profiling armor plate, frit to wait for advanced equipment, ensured project quality, created the ” of speed of “ new Shenzhen of two days of half structure layers. Technology of this engineering construction has the honor to win award of third class of progress of national science and technology, center of technology of authority of state of classics of technology of carbon dioxide vertical position welding, inclined vertical position welding examines to be international initiate certainly.

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