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The environment that minatory mankind lives pollutes a problem

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Environmental pollution is to show the harmful toxicant that discharges artificially is qualitative, destroyed environmental ecological balance, changed the normal structure of ecosystem and function, worsened production of industry and agriculture and the environment that the mankind lives. Contaminant can enter human body after that along food chain move, rich collect again, endanger human health.

One, contaminative type

Classified method of pollution is very much, very complex also, introduce type of a few kinds of main pollution now.

The pollution of water pollution water basically comes from at sewage and industrial waste water. The heavy metal element such as Pb, Hg, Cr still can be contained in some liquid waste, make water degenerative, bring about aquatic biology even toxic and death. In some liquid waste although do not contain toxic material () of life liquid waste, but the compound that contains many N or P, these material discharge water in, make the nutrient rate of water rises, proper eutrophication can promote the growth of alga, it is advantageous to piscine shrimp, unapt still the balance of the material in destroying water system and energy income and expenses. But of these material a large number of discharging, cause exceeding eutrophication, make a large number of breed reach all sorts of alga flagellate of all sorts of corrupt feeding habits, infusorian is caused. The oxygen in causing water again as a result is insufficient, not only piscine shrimp cannot live, the alga material such as the La Zao that a large number of growth, red alga and green alga, also constant large quantities of because of aerobic inadequacy death, cankered. The result is exuberant laky the smelly pool that became corruption, the bare tide in the spray in be like fresh water and ocean.

Hot pollution comes from the hot water of power plant and other plant to enter water system, make water temperature rise fast, the deliquescent oxygen in water decreases, because temperature lifts and the organic matter with medium at the same time water accelerated the rate that oxidation discloses, reduced the amount containing oxygen of water further, aquatic also lifts because of temperature, metabolization force N fast, oxygen demand increases. Accordingly aquatic biologic lives be browbeaten, die because of strangle even.

The discharged waste gas such as air pollution factory, car can cause air pollution. Main contaminant is oxide of CO, SO2, hydrocarbon, nitrogen and dust, these contaminant are in air but interaction forms contaminant 2 times, pollute air once more.

Pesticide pollution is to show pesticide reachs his to contaminate system of atmosphere, water and soil in the degradation child in environment, can destroy ecosystem, cause support of the people acute of animal, floral or chronic and toxic. Pesticide is OK in soil by degradation, but the speed of degradation has have quickly slow, if the degradation rate of organic phosphor pesticide is rapidder, and the degradation rate of organic chloric pesticide is slower, still can produce rich market effect along food chain, minatory human body is healthy.
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