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Domestic and international situation is changed, how does building materials ind

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Present floor enterprise exports an enterprise to be faced with especially appreciate, inflation, money constrictive, consumption upgrades 4 big trends, and court action is opposite the development of building materials business such as the floor forms very big impact. Same question also is perplexing company of furniture of numerous building materials. Face so domestic and international situation, how to make good home market?

The RMB appreciates, mean exit to drop, in addition this RMB appreciates to accompanying a dollar to devalue at the same time again, because this is opposite this kind,the influence that exports an entrance is two-way, this means the thing price of the entrance to be able to drop, for instance entrance floor price can fall, so a few well-known trademarks of foreign can enter China stage by stage, to the high end in China the market can form huge impact. In addition the fall that waits for charge as a result of content shedding, foreign brand gains better competitive advantage further again.

In addition appreciate also aggravate the exit of the building materials enterprise such as domestic floor, pottery and porcelain, make its are produced can transfer further to home, resemble for instance similar large quantities of one enterprises such as furniture of a person of extraordinary powers of big bank floor board, benefit are undertaking extending to home market stage by stage, this farther also aggravate the competitive degree of home market.


The aggravate of domestic inflation increased the building materials such as floor, pottery and porcelain, furniture to produce an enterprise to produce cost on one hand. But the aggravate that competes on one hand additionally brings about you again cannot the consumer home of cost impute to, there is the death of large quantities of one medium and small businesseses necessarily in this process so.

Additional on one hand country's common inflation also is in compress consumer to buy a budget, make its are being decorated, the respect investment such as building materials, home appliance decreases.

Money from close

Of financial industry cast loan policy to develop with estate closely related, on one hand of money constrictive bring about what corresponding real estate invests to decrease, additional on one hand Pan Yue comes to the building that the country encourages economic room, cheap to hire the construction of the room to bring about home smaller, potential client buys an amount corresponding also buy a quantity to be able to become little;

Consumption upgrades

On one hand common people income increases, and last to the country permeate, 3 farming policy is fulfilled, before going up, farmer hand increased, so farmer market also can last be able to grow;

Additional, expand of difference of the rich and the poor to also arise further show off sexual consumption and actuation sex consumption, poor before be used to, abrupt now him discovery is rich, so “ is done not have best, only the most expensive ” just is the impulse that its consume, this also makes what the sale of floor industry has luxury sale more and more substaintial, the brand is bearing the responsibility with will make an appointment with main more.
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