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The world advances increase rate of economy of one foot low China comes 9.4%

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World bank releases 1 day " half an year of East Asia economy signs up for " farther key is low Chinese economy increase rate anticipated 2008, forecast this year Chinese gross domestic product (GDP) increase rate will from 2007 11.4% reduce to 9.4% .

World bank ever released in Feburary this year " Chinese economy quarterly reports " will right 2008 of Chinese GDP increase rate forecast from 10.8% attune low to 9.6% .

World bank is stationed in Chinese delegate to be in senior economist high road to say easily, the aggravate that economy of whole world of nearly two months puts delay is world silver advance one step is small the main reason that Chinese economy growth anticipated 2008.

He thinks, the influence that American economy puts delay to reach its to may grow to global economy, of international raw material and food price go tall, and the buildup of domestic inflation risk is the main risk that at present Chinese economy faces.

Nevertheless, newest release " half an year of East Asia economy signs up for " think, because home invests to increase and consume growth, chinese economy growth will continue to maintain powerful in-house motive force.

The report points out, because American occurrence finance is queasy,put delay with the global economy that causes from this, the GDP increase rate of East Asia developing country will be reduced 2008 1 to 2 percent, fall to 8.5% the left and right sides.

What East Asia developing country includes East Asia area is all in system of low income economy, include China, Indonesian, Malaysia, Philippine, Thailand, Vietnam and Pacific Ocean archipelago to wait for system of a batch of small-sized economy. GDP of East Asia developing country grew 10.2% 2007, created the highest growth rate that comes 10 years.
Report the warning says, to government of East Asia each country, at present the biggest challenge is food and fuel rise in price brought inflationary effect. This creates heavy burden to impoverished population likely.

The report points out, although the economic growth of East Asia developing country may drop somewhat, but the overall growth of whole area will carry healthy state, most country can spend economy of this round of whole world to put delay peacefully. This should be attributed to these countries to was 10 years in the past in structural reform makes investment and built firm macroscopical economic policy.

· Ni Helu of Mu of carat of chief economist dimension says world bank East Asia and Pacific Area, the action that domestic demand is urging the place in growth of East Asia region to rise now is larger and larger. East Asia also is able to realize the diversity that exports the market, although American demand appears to drop considerably, but East Asia gets through increasing the export of pair of Europe and other developing country compensating.