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Gelinmu is like " London the first high-rise " -- Minerva edifice plans to be ca

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British AJPLUS website reported on September 26, landed enterprise Minerva admits finally, gelinmu is like (Grimshaw) the scale of headquarters office building that the office devises for its is too large, must cancel.

The skyscraper in the London finance city in this plan is called for a time the office building ” with “ highest London, have 53, shrink arrives to have 14 only later. But although Gelinmu is like,adjusted a design, of the person that also won a program 2004 approbate, but Minerva company still made halt this plan.

This decision does not make a person open-eyed, minerva and Gelinmu are like even if to insist to say the project still is undertaking before two months, but project from sufferred object sound at the beginning.

At first, after experiencing public inquiry, the project got approving, however local dweller and bequest protection motion offerred sharp criticism however.

Whether does edifice of not clear still Minerva have at present replace content, once had report Gelinmu is like the “St.Botolph’s House” of new 14 edifices entitle that takes out.