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Two ministries and commissions give out commodity of tone small part to export d

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Wealth tax [2007]97 date

Sheet of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, plan lists city finance hall (bureau) , national revenue:   

" the announcement that total bureau of Wu of tax of state of Ministry of finance leads about moving small part commodity to export drawback " (wealth tax [2007] 90) after print and distribute, receive partial area to case in succession, the requirement makes clear individual commodity to export drawback rate and contract for a long time external engineering contract the executive limits problem of the export facilities below and building materials. Inform concerned item complement as follows now:   

One, according to wealth tax [2007]90 date file the first the 1st regulation, cancel product code to be 2932999091, 3922200010 with the exit drawback of 4412101911.   

According to wealth tax [2007]90 date file the first the 2nd regulation, cancel exit drawback of salt, specific product code is 25010011, 25010019 with 25010020.   

According to wealth tax [2007]90 date file the 2nd the 11st regulation, the exit drawback rate of circumgyrate furnace, will anxious furnace, stapler is adjusted for 9 % , specific product code is 84178010, 84178030, 84179010, 84179020 with 84729022.   

2, wealth tax [2007] commodity of row of the place in the inventory ” that 90 accessory 2“ moves low exit drawback all does not include accessory 1 with accessory 3 in drawback already cancelled before place lists commodity and this or execute duty-free goods and do as follows:   

(one) it is serial number 58, product code reachs his for the “ annulus alcohol of 2906 halogenate, sulphonating, nitration or inferior nitrify ramification (except 29061100, 29061990) the exit drawback rate of ” is adjusted for 5 % .   

(2) it is serial number 297, product code says to adjust to the trade name of 3926” for “3901 for “ the 39th chapter removes duty name 3909301000 outside ” .   

(3) it is serial number 812, the exit drawback that for the ≤80 of “ rated voltage of “85444219” volt has ” of contact conductance body leads product code adjust for 9 % .   

3, wealth tax [2007] 90 files the 4th “ in the 3rd regulation contracts for a long time external the specific limits of project ” , “ equipment ” and ” of “ building materials is as follows:   

(one) “ contracts for a long time external project ” is to show engineering construction builds cycle to contract external in what reach above one year project project.   

(2) “ equipment ” is the 84th chapter in pointing to tax regulations of imports and exports, 85 chapters and the goods that 87 chapters involve.   

(3) ” of “ building materials is the following commodity in pointing to tax regulations of imports and exports: The product code in the 25th chapter is “2523” the cement below, the building such as window of the lumber of the 44th chapter, floor, door uses carpentry product, the product code in the 39th chapter comes for “3917” “3918” the plastic pipe below and plastic make a wall taste etc, products of the stone material of the 68th chapter, cement, asbestos products, appliance of sanitation of the contented ceramic tile of the 69th chapter, bushing, made of baked clay, pottery and porcelain; The steel ironwork of the 73rd chapter, the product code in the 76th chapter comes for “7604” “7605” the aluminous profile below, aluminous silk. 4, the foreign country is stationed in China make (get) house and its diplomacy delegate buy China to produce article and service, foreign trader to invest an enterprise to purchase the homebred equipment that accords with drawback condition and use loan of foreign government and international banking organization to use international invite public bidding, still press former drawback rate to carry out.   
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