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" metal and standard of technology of project of wall of stone material act " pr

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By Chinese building scientific academy is chaired write " metal and standard of technology of project of wall of stone material act " last a period of time 4 years, at the beginning of 2001 the work out ends, classics People's Republic of China builds an approval to began to carry out on June 1, 2001. This technology standard includes 9 orders: 1, general principles, 2, predicate, symbol, 3, material, 4, function and construction, 5, structural design, 6, treatment is made, 7, install construction, 8, acceptance of work, 9, maintain with maintenance. The work out of technical standard is acted on practical and on the safe side, beautiful with the principle with practical economy, be in to metal and wall of stone material act material, design, make, installation construction, check and accept and of act wall maintain in the future have specific, science, strict regulation, to turning round a lot of disorder that exists in project of wall of stone material act at present the problem will produce main effect. The standard is the physics of material, mechanical to stone material be able to bear or endure await function, fight pressure, fight fold, curve degree, bibulous rate, radioactivity mark now focus:

•Home of carpentry detail relation installs project success or failure
•Be vividly portrayed of company of south of Chinese building materials
•International lives assist building of attention China green
•Jiangxi of fight in some places one by one of Fosan contented look forward to produces a division

Wait to all offer particular numerical value definitely, raise specific requirement to the quality standard of stone material product and quality management, formulary product must be shown leave factory certificate of approval.

In the design of material of flag of act wall structure, wait to all offer specific design regulation and computational formula to the position of chamfer of the size of area of the ply of stone material, plank, aperture, what arise in order to assure all sorts of load of stone material and action is the biggest curve stress mark fiducial value to be in safe numerical value. Each plate component of subsection act wall, stone ability component part should be independent, and should be installed and disassemble convenient, should not affect the component part of fluctuation, left and right sides at the same time. To assure the security of act wall, normative regulation steel sells wall of act of type stone material to be able to be in be not aseismatic design or 6 degrees, the application in wall of act of 7 degrees of aseismatic designs. The height of act wall is unfavorable be more than 20 meters, flag area is unfavorable be more than 1 square metre. Steel is sold and join board should use stainless steel. Join board is sectional dimension is unfavorable be less than millimeter of 400 millimeter ×4. Steel sells the demand that should accord with this standard with the requirement of aperture, and should be in the center of two flank of flag or flag backside the area is other take a safety precaution. Know groovy type up and down or the wall of stone material act of type of fluctuation wrong chamfer, due also safety precaution. This standard suits to spend the civil building that is not more than 8 degrees at not be more than 100 rice, fortify to crack highly only project of wall of stone material act.
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