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Capital museum

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Capital museum began to prepare 1953, open to the outside world formally 1981, former shop location protects Confucian temple of unit —— Beijing in countrywide key cultural relic. Open a shop formally on May 18, 2006. Capital museum with its great building, rich exhibition, advanced technology, perfect function, become to change center of culture of famous city ” , “ with article of Beijing “ history”With “ internationalization the large modern museum with metropolitan ” proportional position, ascend personally at “ home top-ranking, international is advanced the museum cavalcade of ” .

The building design concept of capital museum is “ is with the person this, it is with cultural relic this, serve ” for the society, emphasize “ past and future, history and the harmonious and unified ” of contemporary, art and nature.
Head rich building itself is a be in harmony the building of classic beauty and contemporary beauty at an organic whole artwork, have full-bodied ethical distinguishing feature already, present vivid contemporary sense again. Tremendous house lid acceded Chinese tradition building is far-reaching carry brim; Connect city wall of wall of long stone qualitative act is indicative Chinese ancient time; Elliptic bronze exhibits a house inclined a break ground of cultural relic of ancient time of metope implied meaning and piece. Wall of act of top of steel structure canopy, glass show Beijing's strong times pace, lofty space and connected the visual result that show to comply with trend of popularity of contemporary architectural international.
The exhibition of new house is displayed with capital museum calendar year is collected and the unearthed relics of Beijing area is basic material, absorb the newest research achievement of Beijing history, cultural relic, archaeology and relevant course, draw lessons from the successful experience of domestic and international museum, form the modernization that has Beijing distinguishing feature alone to exhibit old. " culture of history of • of ancient capital Beijing piece " , " city building of • of ancient capital Beijing piece " it is capital museum is exhibited old core, behaved extensive grand gallant Beijing culture, ceaseless and step-up move toward brilliant capital phylogeny, become the brand that establishs domestic top-ranking museum to display. Additional 7 holding high-quality goods is exhibited and " folk-custom of old Beijing of —— of capital old job is exhibited " be the complement that shows to Beijing culture and deepen. In exhibit Chen Zhong, use multimedia extensively to reveal a shift, if much act is umbriferous (use first in international museum domain) , illusive into picture, digital film, aggrandizement exhibits Chen Xiaoguo, those who deepen information of objective item on display communicate, broke completely before historical cultural relic kind those who extend pattern of book of Chen Jiao division is drab with drab. At the same time head the stage that rich becomes Chinese culture and world culture to communicate a significance.
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