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Environmental protection ministry promulgates mark of green of Chinese building

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The water mouth that by environment of environmental protection ministry development center promulgates and standard of green of concrete building materials are in Beijing to carry out today. This is environmental protection ministry after hanging out one's shingle, first when roll out are the green product standard of content with managing the sources of energy, healthy safety and protective environment.
20 enterprises of countrywide obtained what issue by center of development of environment of environmental protection ministry today the attestation of mouth of first water of Chinese environment mark and concrete.
In recent years since, what the industry grows quickly is decorate to be driven in Chinese estate and building, building materials industry obtains swift and violent development. Mouth of water of 6 years of 00 2 China produces an enterprise to make an appointment with 5000, production value makes an appointment with -129542144 yuan of RMBs. However, because water mouth reachs material of form a complete set to use copper pipe of copper of zinc of cast copper alloy, anticreep, stainless steel, treatment generally to wait, different level land contains element of relatively serious to human body harm lead, cadmium, chromic, arsenic in material. This environmental protection ministry implements standard of green of water mouth product, the purpose is to promote building hardware industry to develop to water of energy-saving, section, healthy direction, in order to achieve construction managing model social purpose.
It is reported, concrete regards housing materials as one of the mainest products, never had obtained the attestation that Chinese environment indicates. Current, china produces concrete every year to amount to 2 billion stere, cement six hundred million and ten tons. These products drain the resource such as limestone and coal in great quantities, exceed a quantity to discharge greenhouse gas, cause environmental pollution. After green standard is carried out, if countrywide concrete amounts to mark entirely, annual and OK managing cement is close 300 million tons, save limestone ore natural resources to use up 350 million tons, economic standard coal 70 million tons, its economic benefits and social environment benefit are extremely major.