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Metal of Chengdu of the 6th 2008 China and metallurgical industry are exhibited

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3, exhibit a house common illume;
4, every exhibit business to send proceedings of a conferences;
5, open up “ exhibits commercial Wu to negotiate area ” ; Exhibit business to use for joining;
6, every ginseng exhibits business to give congress CD a piece (include: Exhibit meeting site to sweep past a shadow to reach about invite visiting trade data) ;
7, free be classified " exhibit can preview " ;
8, offer visiting certificate freely to exhibit business to invite a client for joining;
9, will join the company brief introduction that postpones an unit freely to enroll " postpone meeting proceedings of a conference " inside; Exhibit meeting site to provide professional public figure; The mail after the meeting sends authoritative industry the organization, professional orgnaization; Those who offer ceaseless inquiry purchase business newly;

Ginseng exhibit formalities:
1, fill appropriate to “ ginseng extends contract ” form and build official seal please, join exhibit proof of fare remit money to fax an organizing committee.
2, organizing committee issue formal “ ginseng to exhibit confirmation ” .
3, ginseng exhibit an unit to should be subject to the organizing committee extends an arrangement.
4, join please exhibit sheet to be located in 7 days in beard general ginseng exhibits expense 50% collect an organizing committee to assign account as subscription. (Account is referred to please " ginseng exhibit receipt to express " ) ; More than on Feburary 15, 2008 (end time) before one paid;
5, exhibit an arrangement to sign up first with “ , make a money first, arrange ” to be a principle first, to assure exhibition whole figure, sponsor an unit to reservation and ginseng exhibit an unit to talk things over and adjust the right of the position that exhibit a stage finally.
6, ginseng exhibit an unit to be carried on behalf of accommodation and item on display, the organizing committee will send separately " consult directory of the service that postpone business " manual.
Note: After the agreement that sign appropriate, if did not press a requirement to pay subscription to reach more than, sponsor an unit to will not guarantee an affirmed position that exhibit a stage;

Congress organizes the office:

Sichuan good rich shows limited company

Address: Chinese • the Chengdu City south 2 annulus road a paragraph 13 group of beneficial edifices 601 rooms postcode: 610041
Phone: (86-28) 66102862 68626815
Fax: (86-28) 66102868
Contact: Mr Deng 028- - 80788458

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