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Hunan holds complete province conference of job of nonferrous metal industry

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It is reported, conference of job of industry of Hunan Province nonferrous metal was held in Changsha a few days ago. Song Jianmin of secretary of leading Party group of head office of industry of Hunan Province nonferrous metal, general manager made a problem be grabbed for “ seize opportunity, multiply situation and on, push Hunan nonferrous metal to accelerate new-style industrialized and make arduous efforts the working report of ” .

Song Jianmin goes out in report middle finger: Since 15 ” of “ , hunan coloured industry maintained the good momentum of smooth and rapid development, integral competition ability increases steadily, economic benefits of dimensions above business rises significantly. Complete 2006 province achieves yield of 10 kinds of nonferrous metal 1.42 million tons, than going up year of growth 14% ; Finish content of 6 kinds of concentrate 314 thousand tons, than going up year of growth 5% ; Advocate business Wu income 68.8 billion yuan, than going up year of growth 61% ; Implementation profit and taxes 6.3 billion yuan, than going up year of growth 68% . Main technique economic norms created the history top level.

Song Jianmin emphasizes pointing out: Fulfil a province the 9th times to carry out acting meeting, complete province accelerates the party advance new-style industrialization the conference and January is in this year the property of complete province coloured that head office of industry of Hunan Province nonferrous metal holds grows informal discussion drive, head office of industry of Hunan Province nonferrous metal is right " 915 ” of “ of industry of Hunan Province nonferrous metal develop a program " make adjust. To 2010, save 10 kinds of nonferrous metal to produce per year a quantity to achieve 2.2 million tons or so completely, advocate business Wu income achieves 130 billion yuan, industry increases a value to achieve 35 billion yuan, profit tax 15 billion yuan. Proportion of deep treatment product exceeds 40% . Resource utilization rate rises significantly, environmental protection situation takes a favourable turn apparently. Integral competition ability increases ceaselessly, unit industry increases value specific power consumption to obtain line of business of domestic person of the same trade advanced level.

Song Jianmin says, achieve afore-mentioned goals, must carry out in the round implement scientific progress concept, take new-style industrialized way, capture structural adjustment and change of economic growth pattern two keys, capture reforming and opening and innovation of science and technology two motivation. Conformity extends estate of mineral products resources, aluminium of preferential development copper reachs his deep treatment industry, make industry of strong lead zinc, make industry of actor tungsten, molybdenum, hard alloy, the antimony that make choice, Beryllium and fluorine change saline industry, make deep stannum, bismuth, rare precious metal and industry of rare-earth metal data, make industry of nonferrous metal of big second birth. Build a structure catenary of phyletic and admirable, all ready, industry is complete, have distinguishing feature, have a variety of stronger competition advantage, economy the industrial system that composition coordinates development in the round.
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